24 09, 2014

ZOFLORA disinfectant

A great little but powerful product, Diluted into a bucket for a fresh smelling mop and clean or a small amount put down a sink or pipe can clean away a nasty […]

24 09, 2014

Mr Sheen Polish

Not only is this a great surface polish we have found it to be great on glass and mirrors and windows, leaving it streak free. 

24 09, 2014

Gel. Kilrock

An amazing lime scale remover, however it is very strong and is not good for painted and gold plated surfaces, always read the label before use, plus wear gloves.

13 01, 2013


VeryBerryCleaning is happy to recommend Xtract2Clean who have always provided excellent carpet cleaning in addition to our own services.
Thank you Xtract2Clean




20 06, 2012

Shark Steam Mop

The Shark Steam mop has been a great addition to our cleaning equipment.

Not only does it make your floor really clean but it saves money on replacement mop head,buckets and floor cleaning […]

24 05, 2012

VAX U90 Mach Air Reach (with 6 year warranty)

This vacuum has worked wonders for me

Not only do you save money on buying bags but Vax offer a 6 year warranty. When I broke one of my attachments they send me […]

24 05, 2012


Another great product to remove lime scale in the bathroom is Lime Lite.

The manufacturers have recently changed the smell due to customer complaints. With the new smell and reasonable price this products […]

17 03, 2012

Cleaning Clothes for Glass

When is comes to glass and windows we have found an amazing cloth. They
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17 03, 2012

Why should you use Toilet Cleaner with Limescale remover?

At Very Berry we know times are tough and we all need to save money but if you can invest in a toilet cleaner with Limescale remover in it, then this will […]

20 09, 2010

Ecover Limescale Remover

We thought it would be helpful to review a few of the products and let you in on a
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