This vacuum has worked wonders for me

Not only do you save money on buying bags but Vax offer a 6 year warranty. When I broke one of my attachments they send me a new one no questions asked.

It is light weight but very powerful.  My customer’s have been shocked at the mount of dust this vacuum pulled out of their carpets.  There is a button to turn off the brushed which make vacuuming tiles and wooden floors safe as it will not scratch the floor.  You can easily remove the handle to make the vacuum even smaller so storing it is very easy and compacted.

This model has a longer electric lead and turbo brush for the stairs and furniture. ( There are two other models,U91-MACH-B and U91-MA-P ( pet hair ) which are also good but do not have the extra pieces and extension hose.)

This is the best vacuum I have come across to date,

If you are more into the cylinder vacuum then we have found that the Miele is a good brand. We have used models S6290, S6730 ans S5211 which have all proven to be good vacuums.  We have used a few of their designs and they are powerful and work well on tiled and wooden floors,  the only down side if they need replacement bags and unless you use a rotary brush head, they do not pull as much dust out of carpets as the Vax U90.